After Before Week 43: One Photo Focus

This week’s original photo was taken by Cee Neuner. She hosts several weekly photo challenges herself. Go over to her site and check them out. Here’s her original photo:

AB43_image 1

First, when I opened the file in the RAW converter, I decided to keep the settings that came with the photo.

AB43_image 2

Then I cropped the photo just a bit to put the bush’s trunk more to the far left of the image.

AB43_image 3

Then I created a new layer and removed the background from it, leaving only the bush in the new layer. I lightened the top layer and darkened the bottom one.

AB43_image 5

Lastly, I used a feathered eraser to soften the edges of the bush so that it isn’t as obvious that it’s been “PhotoShoped”, and here is the final image.

AB43_image 6

To see more examples from this challenge, visit After Before Week 43 Challenge.

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19 thoughts on “After Before Week 43: One Photo Focus”

  1. Nancy, what a creative way to approach post-processing Cee’s image. How did you manage to make such a complete selection of the tree, leaving all the edge details of the outside leaves?? I may have to try doing what you did using Nik Viveza, which approaches layers by selecting colors and using control points to designate the reach of the layers (if that makes sense at all). Great final effect with the darkened background and lightened tree!

    1. I used the magnetic lasso in Photoshop to grab the tree, letting it be more liberal in whet it kept along the edges. After the tee was selected, I chose inverse so that everything but the tee was selected and deleted that. When I was finished processing each layer so they had the effect I wanted, I used the feather-edged eraser to soften the edges around the tree so it didn’t look so photoshopped. 🙂 Hope this helps!

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