After Before Week 40 Challenge

This week is a standard After Before photo challenge from Stacy at Visual Venturing. I reached back into my bag of old photos to find one that I really wanted to do some crazy fun things to this week. Here’s the final result:


So, are you wondering what the original looked like? Here it is:


I love this image, and I’ve posted a black and white version of it here. When I opened the image in PhotoShop, I used these settings on the RAW converter:


These resulted in an image with heightened sharpness, colors, and contrast.


Next, I created a duplicate layer and selected the Polar Coordinates filter at 100%.


I love how the Steinway & Sons wrapped. Finally, I added a softening gradient fill layer using using the following settings:

  • Gradient: transparent to white
  • Style: Radial
  • Angle: 170.54
  • Scale: 100%
  • Reverse and Align with layer selected

And voila!


To see more examples from this challenge, visit After Before Week 40 Challenge.

After-Before logo

Click the image above for rules on joining the fun!


15 thoughts on “After Before Week 40 Challenge”

  1. Wow! As my daughter sometimes says “Way cool.” 😉 Who would think that a keyboard could work so well done in this way? I did pop over to your B&W image and love that as well 🙂 Fun, informative post, Nancy!

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