Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Pfeiffer Bay in Big SurI was probably younger than two the first time I saw the ocean, so I don’t remember how I felt. I love the water. I love hearing the waves crash on the shore. I love the fresh smell of the ocean. I wish I lived closer to the ocean, but for now, I’ll take the Great Salt Lake, even with the brine shrimp (which you do not eat).



5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea”

  1. Great shot! Looks like McWay Falls? I missed this beautiful part of the coast when I visited California! I too would like to live close to the ocean, but for now a beautiful lake is more than enough. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, much appreciated.

    1. This shot is of Pfeiffer Bay (no relation to the actress 😉 ). Thanks!

      Updated! This is McWay Falls. It’s in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. The friends who pointed us this way just called it Pfeiffer Bay.

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