A Word a Week: Window

Broken windowFor more from this challenge, visit A Word a Week: Window.


A Word a Week Challenge: Technology

technology_wpNot a super high-level technology, but one that sure comes in handy during a photo shoot. I love that my husband is willing to do crazy things (like lie on the ground and position a reflector just perfectly) so that I can get the shot I want. Just in case you’re wondering how it worked, here’s the result.

technology2_wpFor more from this challenge, visit A Word a Week Challenge: Technology.

A Word a Week: Create

Family G having funOne of my favorite things to create is memories.┬áNot only is this a great family, but they are actually part of my extended family, and I’m grateful they entrusted me with capturing this particular memory for them.

Word a Week challenge: Create

A Word a Week: Transport

Elisabeth and the swing

As a child, my favorite form of transportation was seeing how high I could make the neighbor’s swing go. It was a great swing set that was about 20-feet high with heavy chains on the seats so you could really pull hard and get some serious air. Go to any playground and you see the same thing. Kids are always trying to see how high a swing will let them fly.

A Word a Week Photo Challenge: Transport