Sunday Stills: Happiness Is…

happiness_nmp happiness2_nmp

I love my husband and his crazy sense of humor (he got my dad and uncle to pose for this “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” photo). I also love photographing weddings. There are many, many more things that make me happy. These were the first two I thought of.

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Sunday Stills: White

Getting baptized today!

In the LDS (aka Mormon) Church, when a child turns eight, they meet with the bishop to talk about what they believe and how they feel about what they’ve learned in Primary (Sunday School for the children). They tell the bishop if they want to get baptized or not. When you are baptized, you and the person performing the baptism dress completely in white. A couple of months ago, we had the opportunity to attend the baptism of two great-nephews (who happen to be twins and pretty great kids). I grabbed this shot of J before the service started. You can’t see it in the black and white picture, but his scripture case is green and black camouflage. It’s a pretty awesome scripture case.

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Sunday Stills: Shallow Depth of Field

I love using lenses with long focal lengths (50 mm+) for portrait work. The higher (longer) the number, the more shallow your dept of field (DOF), which I know seems counter-intutive, but that’s the way the light refracts.  For these shots, I used my 105 mm.  Shallow DOF lets you draw attention to the part of the image you really want to emphasize.

dof4_wp dof2_wp dof3_wp

Family Home Evenings are fun

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Sunday Stills (and Travel theme): Fall Foliage (Autumn)

Fall leaves in Scotland

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**Updated 11/11/14** I’m adding this to another challenge: Travel theme: Autumn.