Photo bomb

I took my new camera to the piano recital last week so I could play around with it a bit and hopefully get some fun and great pictures. This is one of my favorites. The cutie in the back (and in focus) is the owner of the hands in my Steinway post. Just as I snapped this picture, her younger sister (also one of my students) decided she wanted in on the action. It’s one of the best photo bombs I’ve had the privilege to take.

Photo bomb


Steinway (and a new camera)

Steinway & SonsMy piano students had a recital last night. I love hearing them play, even if they don’t have a wonderful performance. I love that most of them enjoy performing.

I also just picked up the Nikon D610. Currently, Photoshop doesn’t support the RAW NEF files that this camera produces, so beware! But iPhoto does, and so does Aperture (which I’m purchasing today). I’ll let you know how it all turns out.