The Spottiness of Challenges

Hello, my dear friends. I want to apologize and explain the spottiness of the Photo a Week Challenges lately. In October, I started having significant pain in my right hip. At first, we thought it was a pinched nerve or maybe my Sciatica. After working with our chiropractor for a couple of months, it was getting worse instead of better, and he recommended seeing our regular doctor and getting x-rays. Turns out, I have a genetic issue with my hips, and I will be having hip surgery in a couple of weeks. Dealing with the pain and all that goes with it has limited my activities significantly (matching the pain in the hip). As a result, I have been taking fewer photos and getting online less. Sitting at a computer is one of the activities that brings on the pain, so I have to limit my time at the keyboard.

Once I have fully recovered from the surgery, the challenges hopefully will again come fast and furiously. In the meantime, keep taking lots of wonderful photos and sharing them with all of us.