Thursday Doors – April 6, 2017



These are the doors to the Bern Cathedral. We stopped to listen to the A’capella group singing, and I nabbed this shot. So glad I did.

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Thursday Doors – March 30, 2017


It is tradition for couples who marry in the LDS Salt Lake Temple to take pictures at the large, ornate doors outside the temple after the ceremony. Part of that tradition is taking a picture of the couples’ hands together on one of the doorknobs.

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Thursday Doors


These amazing doors are to the old City and Country Building in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The lovely girl posing in front of them is my cousin’s daughter. She picked this location for her senior photos. Great choice.

This is my entry for Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors challenge.

Thursday Doors: Peak-a-Boo


These are the doors to the ward houseĀ at the Garden Park Ward in Salt Lake City, Utah. This location is a favorite for portrait and wedding photographers. Access to the grounds is free (though days and times you can be there are limited, so check their schedule), and it is beautiful year-round. This sweet couple wanted to do some really fun shots for their engagements, and the pillars by these doors just begged for a photo.

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