Christmas Lights Day #5

Blurry Christmas tree lights


2017 Trevor Carpenter PhotoChallenge Week 50: Intentional Camera Motion


This picture is from a production of Twelfth Night at the Lincoln Park Conservatory by Midsommer Flight. It was a fabulous production.

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A Photo a Week: Blurry

For this inaugural photo challenge, the topic is blurry. Have you ever taken a photo that turned out to be blurry and you were okay with it? Have you ever purposefully taken a blurry photo for the artistry of it? What about one where what you initially thought you wanted in focus wasn’t, but it made the shot more interesting?

I took this photo of my stepdaughter as she was walking ahead of me. I had on a narrow focal 50mm lens, and she was walking so fast that she was out of focus as soon as the camera focused and was ready to snap the picture. But I was okay with it because I like the effect.


Post your blurry shots and link them to this post. Then come back and share the link. I’m excited to see what everyone (or anyone) comes up with!

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