Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

Westminster Abby, London

I’m not sure if this is an unusual point of view, as thousands of people walk past the front of Westminster Abbey in London each month (possibly each day), but I don’t know how many take the time to look up.



A Word a Week Challenge: Ornate

Red Dahlia in profile

So, I found another photo challenge blog. I’m very excited about this one, too. I find that many flowers are amazingly intricate and naturally ornate, especially dahlias.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Pfeiffer Bay in Big SurI was probably younger than two the first time I saw the ocean, so I don’t remember how I felt. I love the water. I love hearing the waves crash on the shore. I love the fresh smell of the ocean. I wish I lived closer to the ocean, but for now, I’ll take the Great Salt Lake, even with the brine shrimp (which you do not eat).