Sunday Stills: Blue

Sunday Stills challenge: blueThese are the booties the hospital gave my husband for his outpatient procedure. Doesn’t he have adorable feet? I’m just saying.

Before and after: Abbie

The picture of Abbie was a fun experiment with PhotoShop. It didn’t need much tweaking. She’s such a cute girl and has naturally beautiful skin. So I thought I’d give you a before and after.

Before:Abbie before PhotoShop editing

After:AbbyI’m really loving the ability to fix bad lighting and other quirks of photography. In traditional film processing, you might have to spend hours in the darkroom testing exposures and chemical batch time to get the same thing you can do with a mouse click.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habits

Old habits die hardMost mornings, my breakfast consists of Greek yogurt and natural granola. I also don’t know if I could actually go a day without listening to music. It’s a side-effect of being a professional musician.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Transportation

London bus signAs soon as I saw this one coming up, I knew the picture I had to post. This bus made us laugh so hard for a very long time. And it still does. And even 10 years later, it’s probably still true.