Steinway (and a new camera)

Steinway & SonsMy piano students had a recital last night. I love hearing them play, even if they don’t have a wonderful performance. I love that most of them enjoy performing.

I also just picked up the Nikon D610. Currently, Photoshop doesn’t support the RAW NEF files that this camera produces, so beware! But iPhoto does, and so does Aperture (which I’m purchasing today). I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (again)

Inside a 9' Steinway concert grand pianoMy students had a recital last night, and I couldn’t resit posting this shot (similar to another of my Inside photo challenge shots). I took this after the recital, and my sisters are having fun trying out the piano. It’s new to the recital hall (they’ve only had it in here for two months), so it was the first time for everyone playing it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Inside the piano

Inside a grand pianoI’ve taught piano for almost 30 years. These pictures are the inside of the Steinway 9′ concert piano my students play at recitals, thanks to Daynes Music Company in Salt Lake City. (The big black thing at the bottom left of the second picture is a mic that allows the store to record the performances and provide me with a nice CD I can copy and give to the students.)