Weekly photo challenge: Foreshadowing

Dad MerrillMemorial Day 2012, my husband and I went with his parents to visit the cemeteries and put flowers on family graves. Dad was very tired, and we found this bench where he could rest and enjoy the view. This Memorial Day, we visited his grave and honored him with flowers. We miss you, Dad.



Temple Under Glass

SLTemple_thu_glassIf you’ve been to Salt Lake City, then you know that one of the most popular tourist attractions is the majestic LDS (aka Mormon) Temple in the heart of the city. This building took the Mormon settlers 40 years to build, including the need to repour the foundation because they buried it when they thought a division of the U.S. Army was coming to attack them and then they discovered a crack in it when they excavated to continue construction. The granite used to build it was quarried from a canyon on the east side of the valley. This picture was taken through the picture windows in the Visitor’s Center just south of the temple on Temple Square. I took this picture at Christmas time, when the square is decorated with thousands of lights and a life-sized nativity for the holiday.