Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Transportation

London bus signAs soon as I saw this one coming up, I knew the picture I had to post. This bus made us laugh so hard for a very long time. And it still does. And even 10 years later, it’s probably still true.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Close Ups/Macros

Up-close moth (black & white)

I just found this photo challenge. Black and white is challenging in the digital photography world. Traditional film b&w photography used a special type of film to enhance the contrast. I’m sure we all thought that colorizing old classic movies was a fun idea, but the execution wasn’t as cool as we hoped, because b&w really is a completely different medium from color. To get a somewhat close effect of true b&w, I bumped up both the contrast and saturation on this to the maximum before applying grayscale.