Thankful November 23rd: Chocolate

Okay, so most of my Thankful November posts have been on a more serious side, but this one is pure fun. I love chocolate. I love really good chocolate. By taking my husband to Europe, I have turned him into a chocolate snob. I am not sorry about this. We are always on the lookout for good, European chocolate here in the States. We also take suggestions of good chocolate to try.


9 thoughts on “Thankful November 23rd: Chocolate”

  1. Nom nom nom! My favourite chocolates are (in random order): Whittakers (New Zealand), Godiva (Belgium), Green&Black (country?), Côte d’or (Belgium), Verkade (The Netherlands), Rittersport (Germany).
    What are yours?

  2. I have always been a fan of chocolate in Brussels, which I visited many times for work. One of my colleagues preferred a high-priced shop called Wittamers and she would individually select her chocolates for a customized box of her favorites. This store was so snooty that they refused to sell her a cake that she wanted to take home, because her travel time was so long that it would not arrive in optimal condition. I tended to go with Leonidas, a middling brand that was a good compromise between quality and price.

  3. I’m a chocolate snob wanna be! I’ll try all kinds of dark chocolate! I’ve even created some delicious dipping chocolate from a recipe I found: cacao powder (2T), coconut oil (1T), vanilla powder (1/2 t) and maple syrup (1T)! Oh my goodness! Dip cherries in that one! ❤💙

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