Thankful November 5th: Sisters

I have three sisters: two older, one younger. Growing up, we were the bane of our brother’s life. He even told my mom once that he didn’t care if it took twelve sisters, he wanted a brother. He didn’t get one until my oldest sister got married and he finally got a brother-in-law.

I have a lot of friends with only sons, and you frequently hear (or read in a meme) the saying that boys are harder to keep alive, but have less drama. I’m sure my parents went through a lot of drama with us. Even with all of the drama, I love my sisters. We are now all really good friends. We live close (all within 10 miles), and we love getting together for family parties or a girls’ lunch with mom.

Thanks, guys (well, I guess gals), for helping me have a wonderful childhood and built in friends.


8 thoughts on “Thankful November 5th: Sisters”

  1. Your sisters are lovely. I too had three sisters and one brother. My brother used to tease me all the time. Now he has THREE DAUGHTERS and no sons – but he has 4 grandsons! One of my sisters and I live within walking distance of each other, so I see her and her family a lot. Like you, I also value family above all and am grateful to have grown up within a supportive and mostly functional family!

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