A Photo a Week Challenge: Birds


Now that spring has arrived in Utah, we are seeing an increase in the number of birds as they begin their migration north for the summer. There is a large field close to my parents’ home that is a resting ground for Canadian geese while they are heading either north and south. Like most wildlife, birds don’t really want to you to get too close. I shot this picture with my Nikor 70-300mm lens so I wouldn’t scare them off.


Everyone is welcome to participate, even if your blog isn’t about photography.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each week, I’ll come up with a theme and post a photo that I think fits. You take photographs based on your interpretation of the theme, and post them on your blog (a new post!) anytime before the following Thursday, when the next photo theme will be announced.
  2. To make it easy for others to check out your photos, title your blog post “A Photo a Week Challenge: (theme of the week)” and be sure to use the “postaday″ tag.
  3. Follow nancy merrill photography so that you don’t miss out on weekly challenge announcements.

34 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Birds”

  1. We have plenty of geese here in the Chicago area, too. Some don’t seem to have left for the winter at all, but there’s always a lot of coming and going, no matter the distance. Other than the prodigious amounts of poop they produce, all too often on paths, the only time I’m not fond of them is when they have little ones and get quite aggressive.


    1. My mother’s neighborhood is lucky. The geese seem to prefer the large, open field across from her home, so there isn’t too much in the way of poop, if you stay off the grass. 😉

  2. Looks like they are fueling up for the long trek back up here in Canada, Wonder if they are confused from all the weather being messed up lol

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