Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Open Topic

Stonehenge in sepia

For this week, Cee is giving everyone carte blanche. I chose my favorite shot of Stonehenge from our trip to Great Britain last fall. Thanks, Cee!

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16 thoughts on “Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Open Topic”

    1. They are very tall, the tallest reaching up to 30 feet. Because the ground is not stable, tourists aren’t able to go up into the stones anymore, so we couldn’t get a perspective shot that included my husband (at 6’5″) next to one.

      1. A friend told me that y can book a special tour, but I’m not sure how. From what I understand, there are burial tunnels under the stones, which is why they don’t want hundreds of thousands of people walking through them each year. The ground would eventually collapse. Next time we go over to England, I’m going to look into the special tours to see if they really exist.

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