After Before Week 51

Life has become a bit hectic lately, so for this week’s challenge, I have only the after and before to show you, but I can tell you what I did to get from point A to point B.

First, here’s the after:

Nancy Merrill After 51

Now the before:

Nancy Merrill Before 51

As you can see, the image was almost completely black and really useless. I used the RAW converter in Photoshop to gently lighten the image, then I used a layer to removed a couple of blemishes and another layer to add an iris blur to focus on her profile.

To see more examples from this challenge, visit After-Before Week 51 Challenge.

After-Before logo

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13 thoughts on “After Before Week 51”

    1. Thanks, Emilio. Not a lot. I shoot with a Nikon D610. For this shot the ISO was set at 200. The beauty of shooting in RAW is that you can save photos like this without creating a lot of noise.

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