After Before Week 48

After a couple of week’s missing this challenge, I’m glad I was able to enter again. Unfortunately, life is crazy, so I can only show the beginning and final images, but I will tell you what I did to get to the after.

In the spirit of the name of the challenge, here’s the after:

Nancy Merrill After 48

And now the before:

Nancy Merrill Before 48

To get from the before to the after, my process was a little different than usual. The original image started as a jpg, so no RAW conversion this time. First, I increased the exposure. Then I bumped the contrast. I also adjusted the highlights to reduce the brightness around the steam puff from the train. Finally, I cropped it in much tighter to remove the uninspiring sky and to draw focus more to the really cool train sign.

To see more examples from this challenge, visit After-Before Week 48 Challenge.

After-Before logo

Click the image above for rules on joining the fun!


15 thoughts on “After Before Week 48”

  1. Amazing what a few basic changes can do 🙂 Fun subject matter for a simple but effective “after/before.” And now, after reading Katie’s comment, guess what I’m humming?!? 😉

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