Seniors and Missionary shoot with Master B

This great young man is graduating from high school and getting ready to leave for an LDS mission to California this summer. He’s very busy, so it was great to be able to give him a bit of a break from studying for AP tests and finals to do a fun, relaxing photo shoot. He was such a natural in front of the camera.

mr_b_01 mr_b_05 mr_b_02 mr_b_06 mr_b_03 mr_b_04 mr_b_07 mr_b_08 mr_b_09 mr_b_10 mr_b_11 mr_b_12


17 thoughts on “Seniors and Missionary shoot with Master B”

  1. Great photo shoot. Unfortunately my son won’t be going on a mission. My daughter maybe when she finishes her studies. Her friend is on a mission in Texas. Going on a mission teaches the young adults a lot about themselves and gives them valuable life skills.

    1. So true. My husband and I both served missions, and we both agree that it was the best choice we could have made to help us grow emotionally and spiritually. 🙂

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