After-Before Friday Challenge: Week 42

For the challenge this week, I went very simply. I did a few tweaks in the RAW converter, and that was it. Here’s the original:

B up close before

As you can see, my nephew is a not only a great model, but also a great sport. Here are the settings from the RAW converter:


And with just those changes, I found that I had transformed the image to this:


Subtle changes, but worth the effort.

To see more examples from this challenge, visit After Before Week 42 Challenge.

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11 thoughts on “After-Before Friday Challenge: Week 42”

  1. Interesting, doing it all in RAW. I also noticed that you took the clarity into negative territory, something that isn’t often done. Very good work. Thanks.

  2. I’ve read that reducing clarity is a good thing in portraiture – I can see why! Kudos to your nephew and kudos to you on delivering a great “after” photo. I’m especially taken with his eyes. 😀

    1. Thanks. I had just picked up a new 16-35mm lens, and he was helping me test it. For this image, I had it at 16mm and the lens was probably only 2 inches from his face.

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