After Before Friday – Week 38

For this week’s After Before Friday challenge, I don’t have the inbetween images to show you. It’s been one of those weeks. But I hope you like what I’ve done with this image anyway. I’ll start with the After:

After week 38

This photo is from our recent Scotland trip. We were walking down a road to a ruined castle, and the stone wall was so intriguing I had to take a photo of it. (We didn’t know the people who were ahead of us, but I think they add interest to the picture.)

Here’s the Before:

Before week 38

I think it’s still a lovely photo, even without any processing. For the After photo, I maxed out the contrast, moved the hue a little to the red side of things, and saturated the colors just a bit (less than 15%). Then I cropped it to more of a panoramic feel.

Let me know what you think!

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23 thoughts on “After Before Friday – Week 38”

  1. Nancy it is a lovely image as the Before but I love what you did for the After – bring in the rich orange and rust tones gave more depth to the image and a real feel of that change of seasons 🙂 Loved the blurry people too!

  2. Nancy son preciosas las dos fotos, realmente no sabría decir cual me gusta más.
    Esta semana no podré participar en ningún reto ya que tengo el archivo multimedia lleno y no puedo poner ninguna foto. Intentaré solucionarlo con otro blog y así acompañarles a todos con mis fotos, aunque no sean tan buenas como estas suyas.
    Si se le ocurre alguna idea mejor para el problema, estaría muy agradecida.

  3. Nancy, gorgeous image. Love the saturated colors, the crop works beautifully, and you’re absolutely right about the people adding interest. Beautiful DOF too. Ah, would love to visit Scotland, so thanks for the quick trip 😀

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