After Before Challenge Week 37

For this week’s After-Before Friday challenge, I decided to go small in terms of both my subject and the amount of post-processing I wanted to do. While at my sister’s house taking senior pictures for a great high school senior (pictures to come later), I came across this sweet little pine cone and couldn’t resist taking it’s picture, too.

Pine cone before

When I opened it in PhotoShop, I made a few small adjustments in the RAW converter.
After-Before week 37 converter

These changes produced this image.

Pine cone image 2

I really liked how it was looking, but the pine cone seemed a bit lost in the image, so I decided to crop it close and square.

After-Before week 37 pine cone after

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12 thoughts on “After Before Challenge Week 37”

  1. I like what you did with the pine cone. I have a picture of a rope swing in autumn and I have tried everything I can think of, including monochrome, but the ropes still get lost in the background. Maybe I will try cropping it very tight and see if that helps. Thanks for the ideas!!

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