Sunday Stills: Shallow Depth of Field

I love using lenses with long focal lengths (50 mm+) for portrait work. The higher (longer) the number, the more shallow your dept of field (DOF), which I know seems counter-intutive, but that’s the way the light refracts.  For these shots, I used my 105 mm.  Shallow DOF lets you draw attention to the part of the image you really want to emphasize.

dof4_wp dof2_wp dof3_wp

Family Home Evenings are fun

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Shallow Depth of Field”

    1. He and his brother and sister are all so photogenic. I wish they lived closer; I just have to content myself with getting as many pictures of him and his siblings (and their parents) when they are in town, usually about once a year.

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