Steinway (and a new camera)

Steinway & SonsMy piano students had a recital last night. I love hearing them play, even if they don’t have a wonderful performance. I love that most of them enjoy performing.

I also just picked up the Nikon D610. Currently, Photoshop doesn’t support the RAW NEF files that this camera produces, so beware! But iPhoto does, and so does Aperture (which I’m purchasing today). I’ll let you know how it all turns out.


6 thoughts on “Steinway (and a new camera)”

  1. LOVE going to music recitals. My niece (who is ten) has one coming up (kinda cringing a bit, not gonna lie), that I’m excited to see. This pic though? BEAUTIFUL. Don’t need photo shop. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Everyone played really well. I usually get more nervous than any of my students.

      For the file, the real challenge was finding software I already have on my computer that I could use to convert it to a jpg for posting. I didn’t really want to upload a 30 MB file, even if it could render it here.

  2. What an absolutely fabulous image! I love the reflections and the glossiness of the piano 🙂

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