Weekly Photo Challenge: Hue of You

Red Virginia Creeper leavesMy favorite color is dark green. So dark that it’s almost black. Having read that, you’re probably wondering why I’m posting a picture of vibrantly red Virginia Creeper leaves. Because even though my all-time favorite color is deep, dark green, my world (and especially my wardrobe) is full of reds. It’s such a strange phenomenon. In fact, my husband and I recently redid our living room and bedroom. In each room, three walls and the ceiling are white, and then there’s the accent wall. In the living room, it’s red (my husband’s favorite color), and in the bedroom it’s dark green (mine). However, both of us have stated that the other person’s favorite colored wall is our favorite part of the redo.

[Hue] can explain it? [Hue] can tell you why?
Fools give you reasons,
Wise men never try!
(lyrics from “Some Enchanted Evening” [South Pacific]) (Changes made at my husband’s suggestion)



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hue of You”

    1. Ture! 🙂 At least they’re complementary. It would be so sad if they didn’t match so well. We just have to be careful not to pick too Christmas-y shades when choosing clothes for formal pictures.

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