Weekly photo challenge: Foreshadowing

Dad MerrillMemorial Day 2012, my husband and I went with his parents to visit the cemeteries and put flowers on family graves. Dad was very tired, and we found this bench where he could rest and enjoy the view. This Memorial Day, we visited his grave and honored him with flowers. We miss you, Dad.




30 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Foreshadowing”

  1. This is such a perfect photo for this challenge. It sounds like you spent time with your Dad, and that has to be a comfort to you now. Lovely photo.

    1. Yes, we enjoyed spending time with him before. We were with him at the hospital when he died, and I am so glad for the time we had with him. I only knew him for five years (my husband and I have been married for four), and while I wish we had had more time, I will always cherish what time we had.

  2. I think you have got the essence of the term as perfectly as it is possible to get it. I hope you don’t mind me linking it on my post with some others I thought got the idea perfectly too.

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